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How to switch energy Supplier and save money – Tutorial

Posted on April 8, 2017

It is easy and very simple to switch your energy Provider. You can do it every year of twice per year if you have no contract. I will walk you all the way explaining all the steps of the process so stay with me and follow this simple tutorial and you will save £200, £500 or more.

These are the steps to follow:


  • Fill in your details as required. You do not need to type your telephone number:


  • You will be taken to the next screen where you will be asked for your current energy Supplier details.

Select if you use gas (most of us do) and if you are on the current plan for both electricity and gas (most of us are). Choose your current Supplier (you can find it on your latest bill) and select the method of your current payment method. Don’t worry about the Economy 7 meter if you don’t know what it is. choose the plan if you know it. If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions select anything. It does not really matter as these details help the website to determine how much you will be saving in the future.

  • The next step is useful. Look at your bill (if you have one) and fill the information.

It is really easy as you should know how much you are currently paying for your energy. If you don’t just put the rough estimate of £60 for gas and £60 for electricity for a family of 4 living in a three bedroom house. you can be very precise or use estimated numbers. It does not really matter.

All you have to do now is to select the best offer. There is a few bits of information you want to pay the attention to:

  • Supplier name – it is the company supplying you with energy – does not really matter which one
  • Exit fee – this is the fee you will have to pay if you decide to switch the energy supplier before the end of the contract (usually 12 months). this fee is usually per fuel (so simply double it). there is no need to switch your energy Supplier within 12 months if the rates are fixed anyway.
  • Rate type: specify the length of the contract.
  • Your savings – this is calculated from the information you entered. If you have the exact information from your bill this is how much you are going to be savings per year
  • Clicking on: ‘What will I pay’ text under the savings will open the new window giving your exact amounts to pay per year. You have to divide this by 12 to calculate your monthly  bills’ value.

When you choose to select the offer by clicking the orange ‘Choose plan’ you will be taken to another screen to enter your personal information such as address, bank details etc.

Once you complete all the details you will receive an email with your order details (and order number). Make sure you keep it.

The great thing is that the new energy provider will speak directly to you existing provider and they will agree on the exact date of the switch. you will be informed about the steps in this process.

This process worked for me without any issues a few times but I can not warrant that it will work smoothly therefore the diligence and reading small print is important.

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