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Quidco: How to start earning money every time shop without any costs

Posted on April 12, 2017


I discovered Quidco about a year ago and I am amazed that I have not heard about this website before. It is really great and nearly every day there is something new which will help you saving and making money. I am not just writing this because I like it. I LOVE IT. So there is only 3 steps you have to follow:

  • Go to Quidco
  • Click: Join for free. this website is actually really great as it does not ask you for all personal information. Just enter you email address and name and there you go.
  • Start searching for what you want to buy such as: insurance, bank account, shoes, travel anything you want. Read on what purchases you can earn cashback and click on it. Quidco will take you to the relevant website storing some cookies remembering you. Don’t get discouraged as some programs pay cashback after a few month of the transaction. Most of those I used paid in full. Out of nearly 150 transactions only one did not work. There is a nice tracker which will tell you how much money have have earned.

You can choose the method of payment:

  • To your bank account
  • To your Paypal
  • To your amazon account – my favourable – as you usually get extra 1-3 % of your balance.
  • As the credit in many stores

This picture below is the snapshot from Quidco website at the time of writing this article and these are just a few offers to show you the extend of savings. You can easily save 10%-50% and in some cases the cashback will pay off the entire transactions in cases of some insurances. So do not wait, it is great website which will make money for you with the first purchase you make.

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