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How to spend less on car routine charges: car insurance, petrol, repairs, service

Posted on April 8, 2017

Having car is quite affordable however you can save nearly 50% or more on having the car of your choice. It does not matter how rich you are you can always pay less. These methods of savings apply to cheap, medium range and expensive vehicles however savings will vary accordingly.

There are routine car charges which we all have to pay so let’s make a good use of our money and spend them SMART.

  1. Car insurance. This areas is full of opportunities and I love talking about it. I remember times when I did not know about these money savings methods and I was paying £800-£1200 per year to insure my 8 years old 3-door 1.3l vehicle. Once I learned how to bit the system I started paying below £200 per year for the same service. I followed a few simple steps:
    • Use of comparison websites such as:
    • Check forums and review websites
    • Check my website frequently for latest offers and promotions
    • Once you select the top three insurance companies of offers, find their websites directly and after clearing your cookies check on their websites the offers. Usually insurance companies offers on their own websites are less competitive but in the recent years that changed a little so you can find some interesting competitive offers
    • Ring the company directly and tell them that you found this cheapest offer and you want to give them a chance to bit that offer.. Most of the time you can actually save some money
    • This should already save you nearly 50% but if not, check websites like: top vouchers, Quidco etc for some offers as quite often you can have up to £80 or £120 of cashback in various forms (tax free)
    • Only after you compete these stages call the lowest offer you found or negotiated and start negotiating again. this should bring your price significantly down
    • Make sure you use your debit card to avoid transaction fees
    • Make sure you pay annually (not monthly) as this should save you about 5% more.
  2. Car repairs and service. Make sure that you shop around. In car repair business customer loyalty does not pay off. They will rip you off sooner or later. I tried to be loyal to the local garage and I ended up paying for repairs I did not need twice or three time market value. My main strategies for reducing the cost of car repairs
    1. Ask many garages for quotations
    2. When having quotes ask for the cost of parts, if they do not want to tell you do deal with these people.
    3. Once you have cost of parts check the cost of them on internet. Companies such as Eurocarparts etc they can sell you parts at the very low cost.
    4. Ask at smaller and franchised garages for the quote.
    5. Once you are ready check reviews of the garage on facebook or online to avoid nasty surprises
    6. I suggest to wait once the car is being repaired but it does depend how long it is taking
    7. Agree that you are paying for fixing the problem not for parts replacement.
  3. Car tax: Unfortunately I have only two methods of reducing the cost of it:
    1. Choose the car with lower tax band. Most of the makes have cars in all bands and if you choose the correct model you drive any car you want and the tax can be quite affordable,
    2. Pay annually. It is usually a little bit cheaper

Good luck with your car as it is a bit of the lottery. check my other articles as I keep updating this blog with the latest tips and offers

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