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Supermarket savings tricks: 9 ways to save on supermarket shopping

Posted on April 26, 2017

this is the very old but evergreen list of supermarket money savings tricks. It seems like supermarkets are using similar tricks as they used decades ago therefore the money savings tricks are similar too.

  1. Never shop when you are hungry.

    It is the common knowledge that Supermarket will exploits your weaknesses and bad habits and they reveal themselves when we are tired or hungry so make sure that you always go shopping after the good and tasty meal and after the good sleep so you are not tires. I would always promote online shopping and stop it anytime you are getting tired.

  2. Shop at the right time

    This is true for online and in store shopping however it is mostly for in store shopping. The best times are the times just before closing however it does depend on the store. I found that a few hours before closing smaller stores reduce prices and supermarkets might work differently. Ninja’s Mum research from last year shows that price reduction vary per store chain and looks like this: (be aware that these patterns are changing so make your own research).

    1. ASDA 6-10am and at 7.30
    2. Co-op around 4pm
    3. Tesco – 7 pm
    4. Sainsbury 7pm
  3. Plan your meals

    It is sad but making the list will save you ton’s of money. Make the list of meals for the week and shop accordingly. It is no fun but you will have more money.

  4. Try other brands to see if you like it and how much money they are worth.

    Many people are brand loyal and they are being systematically exploited by the brands to which they are loyal to.

  5. Use your loyalty cards

    Squeeze them as much as you can, make points, vouchers and coupons. Make sure that they save you money as they are generally design to take your money

  6. Make sure you are not a victim of special offers

    Special offers such as: Buy 1 get 1 free, buy 3 for 2 etc are great as long as you understand the cost of them. They are certainly the big value if:

    1. You can use them
    2. You want them
    3. The unit cost is cheaper than when you buy just one item
  7. Don’t waste food

  8. Buy what you need, pay and get out

    Supermarket marketing experts are experts in human psychology and they know human nature. they are specialist and they know how to get your money. Buy what you need and get out

  9. Get the amount of cash you plan to spend and leave debit and credit cards at home

    This will ensure that you will not spend more money than you planned. It is a very effective technique and you will see results very quickly. It will obviously not work when shopping online


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