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Make money online: 7 simple ways to make money online starting today

Posted on April 14, 2017

This is the most popular topic online. everybody wants to make money online, on autopilot and quick. We all want to earn millions while sitting on the beach where our only job would be to count the money coming in. Guess what, you can actually do it. It requires a bit of work and determination but it is possible. In this post I will list a few really simple and easy ways to start making money online today.

      • Start the you tube channel.

It might be surprise for you that you tube is number one on my list. I think this is the easiest way to start making money as it ranks very quickly and has enormous popularity. We all use it on PCs, laptops, mobiles, TV anywhere. Starting the you tube channel is simply, all you need is the phone or pc, camera and microphone, idea and start recoding. You can make video about anything and if you really have no idea start from reviewing your latest purchase from internet. What did you buy the most recently? Shoes, phone, earrings, socks? You can talk about virtually anything. It does not have to be long as people do not have time so make it quick; 5-10 minutes and you will gain fans very soon. Make sure that you actually add some value. Listen to your video before you post it on you tube and make sure it is interesting. Would you like to listen to yourself? I really like this guy as he has a good clip explaining how to make the video in a very simple terms. Spend 15 minutes and you will know all you need to start publishing video on you tube

This is a bit more technical explanation so once you decide about the content, listen to this guy, he is a real guru and has great videos on you tube. He explains how to actually post the video so spend a few minutes on this video. It is really a great chap and had a great success.

  • Start the blog

You head about blogs already, if you have not, stop reading and check out for some explanation as you probably have not lived in this world in the last decade.  You can start the blog about anything. People are interested in all types of topics so whatever you write someone will read it. In order to be make money you have to be a bit popular which means you want to write about something interesting. I will write more articles with details about starting blog, and making money but if you want to start quickly you can start for free on blogging platforms such as blogger or buy hosting plan from one of the hosting company such as Ipage, Godaddy or others. Once you start writing you can promote products, you can have advertisment or just Google AddWords. this should start your online business and you can start making money.  This simple video should show you the first steps of how to start on Blogger. this lady made this video with his kid so it is really fun.



  • Start selling on Amazon and Ebay

amazon and Ebay are the simplest and greatest ways and many people made fortunes on these websites. It takes a bit of work but it is worthy. This is probably the quickest way to start seeing some income. the limitation will be your time as you will need to do it all by yourself. I am not going to post any video on this topic as Ebay and amazon have many tutorials on their website however keep an eye on my blog as I will be adding a lot of simple but powerful how to maximise your profits on amazon and ebay

  • Use fiver

Fiver is the platform on which you can sell any type of service you want for …£5. It is simple and people made quite a bit of money on it. Fiver does not mean a lot but how people are making money is that they start with the £5 service and they deliver great work and offer customer more work for a bit more money. Typical tricks to make more than £5 are:

  1. Offer extra, more expensive service
  2. Attract leads and promote your service outside Fiver (you can not do it on your profile but you can do it on the invoice, feedback for etc)
  3. Create a good brand
  4. Start networking with others on fiver.

It is very simple and you can post something in less than 10 minutes and if your service is in demand your will get money coming in minutes.. This chap explains in a simple way how to actually make money on fiver.



  • Start the website

This is the oldest way to start making money. I will explain the very basic in a few simple steps

  1. Buy a domain using
  2. Buy hosting service from Ipage, Godaddy or others
  3. Create a simple page using templates from hosting company or if you know html create the website from scratches
  4. Start writing and promote your website on google, forum, you tube, facebook and many other  platforms
  5. Create or promote product on which you can start making some money
  6. Start counting your income


Obviously it is not as quick and simple but it is something you can start today. In making money online business the most important part is ACTION. It is so easy to waste weeks, months or years creating the perfect website or product and actually do not complete anything. Start something TODAY and it does not have to be perfect. When you have something interesting to write or say people will START MAKINg MONEY TODAY


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