How to have more money

Have more money today: simple but effective tips how to be rich in 2017

Posted on May 1, 2017

Thi is going to be the shortest post on my post. How to make money in 2017:

  • Know how to make money from social media.
    • if you don’t know it yet, stop whatever you are doing and start learning it right now
    • if you don’t have your presence on social media start building it now
  • Find the niche
    • whatever interests you
    • whatever you like
    • whatever you know something
    • whatever people can buy
  • Monetize it
    • combine two above step and in your learning on social media presence and the niche start actioning it
    • create the plan
    • stop procrastinating
    • start earning
  • Keep the money
    • once you make the money – KEEP IT
    • learn from this blog how to keep the money
    • allow your money to make more money – start investing
  • Stop buying things you can not afford.
    • Save, you don’t have to look rich buy buying unnecessary products, you want to be rich

these few above action could help you to have more money right now. Try it.


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