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Roaming charges: How to avoid roaming mobile charges on holiday in Europe

Posted on April 20, 2017

Using mobile phone abroad has always been the biggest rip off by bog international mobile companies. They are operating globally but the moment you cross the border the opportunity for makings lots of money starts. They charge £5 per 1Mb, extra £3 per phone call or per minute. It can be anything and the charges do not end. so imagine what your bill will look like after using facebook in Spain for a week. Choosing your mobile provider is a key. there is a lot of tricks you can use but choosing the company is the principle choice. You would definitely go for Three as you can buy the very cheap tariff for £10 per month SIM card and have the roaming included for most of the EU countries and others too.  you do not actually need to contract and you can only use it for data and make phone calls from Skype or other apps.

I used them and never paid over agreed £15 per month for unlimited data, and a lot of textx and call minutes.. These are the simple tricks you can use when going on holiday:

  • Buy Simcard 30 days rolling contract and insert it in your tablet. Use data as per your allowance and make phone calls
  • Take your old mobile with you in case you want to use it to call your friends
  • Talk to your existing mobile phone provider and ask them if you can temporarily transfer your number
  • Facebook will keep you in touch with your friends
  • Actually think about Three as your mobile phone provider, they are quite aggressive on getting new customers.There are some good plans.


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