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How to be rich; start thinking like rich. simple but effective steps to change your mindset

Posted on June 4, 2017

Being rich is first of all the state of mind. How to be rich should not be the question. The question should be why you are refusing to be rich for so long. Check also this post about We are all entitled to be very rich and we keep refusing it all the time. Thinking like rich will set your mindset right and you will be happier, optimistic and naturally richer day by day. Check out this post about money mindset.  So what are the first steps to set your mindset to lead you to be richer.

  • Make a list of some wonderful things that happened in your life.

We all have them; first smile, first love, great movie, good party, nice book, lovely sunset etc. Anything no matter how small it is. These experiences set your mindset into the amazing mindset. Keep writing them until you get tired. Once you pass the limit and get really tired, look at the list, read it again. If you do not know how to be rich make sure that your desires are linked to some good positive experiences from your life. Make to desire to become rich personal and emotional.

  • Start being grateful

Once you spend 20 minutes in creating the list above, remembering these events and becoming grateful you will start creating the very good vibration in the universe and in your brain. These vibrations will start inspiring you and direct your attention towards great feelings good experiences generated. These feelings are calm feelings of satisfaction and pleasure you enjoy. You are very resourceful at this state as you have the ‘magical filter’ placed on your perception. These is actually nothing magic about it, it is just pure science. Once you start seeing only positive feelings and emotions you will start attractive good people and good events in your life. this is where you brain will start looking for more ways to provide you with the satisfaction and good feelings. If you want to know how to be rich and richer every day you brain will start focusing on this desire.

  • Define how rich you want to be and for what you need to spend the money

To be rich you need to know how much money you want to have. Make a list of what you want to buy. Make sure you make that list on the same page as your list of good events. You will transform the good feelings from good events to you plans. remember how to be rich is not just the question. It should be your desire and passion you remember every day.

  • Read inspirational books

There are some books you want to read to know how to be rich. This one by Napoleon Hill is my favourite classic. There is many other books but you should start with this one.

  • Smile a lot in the morning and dress well

Whatever you do be sensible and avoid these financial traps.

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