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Money Mindset: 5 mind-blowing steps to change your brain into money making machine

Posted on May 6, 2017

Do you really think your brain allows you to think independently? Are you in the right ‘money mindset’?

Your brain starts every thought you have and every action you take. Often you don’t know why you have thoughts you have and you don’t know why you do what you do. You feel your brain having its own logic and you have very little control over it.  It is terrifying!

It is all in your mindset

But you have an opportunity to change your actions by changing just your brain. You have thousands of preconceived ideas, thoughts and  emotions towards dollars and richness and these determine how much money you have. They can limit you from getting the fortune. These simple steps will skyrocket you into massive fortune and build your wealth.:

  1. Understand what you actually want and what is your real attitude towards wealth.

    1. Every day watch your thoughts and understand your emotion towards your own thoughts. A bit sketchy and esoteric?? not really, all you need to do is to sit down in the evening and watch your day, minute by minute and watch your reactions and emotions, specifically those related to richness and money.
    2. Write down emotions related to money for 4 weeks
    3. Once your discover these emotions, concentrate on watching your motivations and reasons for these emotions. Write them down
    4. Do not judge, do not categorised, just watch the raw data without any judgement If you want to be an entrepreneur check this post
  2. Watch your thoughts and listen to your inner voice

    1. Ask yourself questions and start listening to your inner voice – intuition
    2. Do this for 4 weeks until you develop a good relationship with yourself
    3. Draft patterns from your emotions, thoughts, reactions and inner voice advice
    4. You will notice that you discovered some deeply rooted motivations or believes that determine how quickly you can be rich and have more money
    5.  discover any negative or positive thoughts you have. these thoughts are powerful
  3. Start creating the better scenery for increasing your wealth ans et the right mindset.

    1. Pick 3 main negative emotions towards money and have a clear understanding of the motivations.
    2. Do not worry where they are coming from, trust yourself
    3. Start watching these emotions and surround these emotions with the positive scenera, colours, events, words etc. Create the new reality by:
      1. imaging your emotions playing differently in various scenarios
      2. imagine them in comic way
      3. look at them from 33000ft view in different colours
      4. take a good distance from them
  4. Be grateful

    1. Always thank yourself and the whole world for all discoveries
    2. If you have any believe, thank your god or Goddess for all you are and all you have
  5. Take very small action

Every day take one small action towards your financial goal and make sure you deliver. It has to be very small action. Make sure that action is realistic such as: write the email and apply for a new job, do some research towards your new business ideas etc.

Do you think that your brain allows you to have free will?

Become rich entrepreneur: 7 actions you can do today to make money

Posted on April 23, 2017

This  is a nice video I came across. It is basics approach and I have not written yet about it.  There is plenty different approaches but I like its simplicity.

  1. Have the mindset
  2. Build your network
  3. Spend time helping your customer
  4. Connect on social media
  5. Practice, practice, practice
  6. Improve your product
  7. Be grateful

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