How to have more money

Best ways to get more money in 2017: simple guide to be rich without any effort

Posted on May 16, 2017

People earn money, work every day or run their business but you can get some free money which companies just give away. these are not large sums but enough for lunch or cinema ticket. How to have more money in 2017? The answer is simple. These are simple list of a few ways to have more money without a huge effort:

  • Apply for credit card; most of the credit card companies give £10 or £25 for successful application.
  • Switch bank: many banks offer £50, £100 or even more just to bank with them
  • Get free £10 from amazon just for applying for their credit card#
  • Sign up for free netflix for 30 days; no payment if you cancel on time
  • Get free gift cards or vouchers
  • Use quidco for all your purchases
  • Use all other cashback vouchers

There is many more ways to start earning free money and guess what there is no tax on earnings so you do not have to share it with anybody


Make sure you spend and enjoy the money you earned.

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