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Posted on April 8, 2017

I am passionate about saving and making money and I am glad I managed to create a community of people who can afford everything they dream and deserve. My philosophy is simple: if you want something get it or buy it. If you don’t have money; make it etc. If you use the big corporation professional techniques to make money in your life you will see the change very quickly; YOU WILL HAVE MORE MONEY. It is a very simple truth.

I am dividing the effort into four main blocks of activities and you can choose only one of them or in order to maximise the rewards in all of them:

  1. Spend less: and I do not mean do not buy things you dream about but I am saying buy everything you want but at the lower price. It is not hard to buy something cheaper by 10%. When you do some reasearch, saving 20% is possible. You can use websites like mine and save 30% as well. You can also make an effort and save 40%. It is not unrealistic to save 40% on all items and services you purchase and when you keep reading my blog you will be able to see all these tricks. This means you can buy nearly twice as many products and services and what’s more important you do not have to pay taxes on what you negotiated.
  2. Spend SMART. Look at your habits and find out how you are wasting your own hard earned money. Spending SMART does not mean do not buy but it means to use your intelligence and have a good plan of spending. You will find a lot of useful tips and tools for budgeting and controlling your spending. This will enable you to buy all you really want and deserve.
  3. Make money online. It is very easy to make some money online. there is plenty of opportunities and you you need is to make an effort and do something. I will explain a lot of methods of making money online which can be implemented within hours or days.
  4. Find a better job. Finding a job is not that hard buy you need to have a plan and determination.. Sometimes you will need to think about getting some qualification if you don’t have any or retraining. Whichever way you choose you will want to read this blog to find useful tips.

These are the four main areas and you will find a lot of strategies on this blog how to implement them. If you can achieve 10-20% of savings in each category you easily save from 40-80%. Which means you will have more than twice of your disposable income for you ti use. Why not trying and implementing some of the strategies today?

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