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7 DONT’s; Never do these if you want to have money

Posted on May 29, 2017

These are these 7 actions you should never do if you want to have more money. By avoiding these you will start seeing more money in your pocket and you can save £1000s yearly.

  • Pay mobile bills more than £20 per month.

You can buy mobiles very cheaply these days and paying more than £20 per month proves that you have not really researched the market. Even if you want to buy the latest models of I-phones or Galaxy you can still buy then at the low cost. Make sure that you actually know what you want.  How much data do you need, how many minutes do you need and what features are really important for you. Once you know this, do the research and make sure that you always have at least three best choices left on your list. From this short list choose the first option and start negotiating if you can.  do this with option 2 and three and see which is the best offer.

  • Pay car insurance monthly

Paying monthly for your car insurance is always more expensive by at least 20%. If you really do not have cash to pay the annual premium use your credit card with the extended payment terms if there is no fee for doing it. You can also use your credit card with the extensive payment terms for your day to day shopping to generate cash for paying the annual insurance in one payment. Use this cash to pay for the annual premium. To visualize this make sure that you can visually see what can be bought for the amount of money you can actually save.

  • Pay for mobiles insurance

You should not really paying the insurance additionally. There is so many bank accounts, credit cards with additional perks such as mobile insurance, breakdown cover etc. that you should not even contemplate buying special insurance.

  • Don’t check prices online

Every single purchase you make should be verified online. This tip will save you £1000s every year. always check the prices even if it is after you make a purchase. this will make you aware of the extend of offers which are available online. This will also open the door of the market. If you never have done it you will be genuinely shocked how much savings is online.

  • Don’t use websites like Quidco

Websites like Quidco, topCashback etc are becoming very popular. You can check more about it on these posts.

  • Pay for electricity and gas more than £1000 per year

There is always a better deal for your energy. You can switch your energy provider very conveniently and online. It does not cost and it is very well regulated. It takes a few clicks and this tutorial explains simply how to do it.

  • Buy petrol on motorway services

Petrol and diesel at motorway services will cost you by average 20% more  than on regular streets. If you are driving the motorway and run out always fill it for £10 or £20 and when you exit the motorway fill it up. Motorway services are extremely convenient but you have to pay for this convenience.



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