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42 Holy grail hacks that will save you a fortune

Posted on February 6, 2018

Although this blog is about financial tips to save money I think this year I need to start promoting some interesting ideas to save money in other ways.  There is tons of knowledge where some basic chemical education is useful.   It can save lot’s of money or at least a headache.  42 holy grail hacks  save money:

Using the permanent marker by mistake on valuables is a disaster and knowing how to erase it could be fortune savings. You don’t want to ruin your clothes and markings on markers are written in a very small font that’s why it is good to know:

  • Is a toothpaste really working on ceramics?
  • Is rubbing an alcohol going to remove the permanent ink from wood?
  • Is hand sanitizer with baking soda and lemon going to remove the permanent link from clothes? Maybe after the wash
  • Is rubbing an alcohol on permanent ink on the carpet going to work? ONLY with hairspray

You have to try to be sure if these techniques are going to work. Anyway, watch the video for more interesting ways to save yourself the fortune. Remember that all the hacks are to try at your own risks. I tried some of them but you have to see if they work for yourself. There is plenty of street knowledge and our kitchen and desk drawer are a great chemical supply so learn and play safe.

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