How to have more money

Make more money: 17 actions you can take right

Posted on April 13, 2017

This is the list of simple 17 actions you can take to have more money. If you take all of them some of them will make you richer. Many of you have been asking for this simple list so there you go:

  1. Ask your boss for raise – does not always work but it is worth trying
  2. Find additional job in a pub, restaurant or near by shop – these places are always looking for staff
  3. Start blogging – and make money
  4. Start You Tube channel – if you have something interesting to say
  5. Become Avon consultant – you need to know people
  6. Sell unwanted staff from your house on Ebay – you will have money and more space
  7. Start shopping in lower cost supermarket
  8. Sell staff on carboot
  9. Write a book
  10. find a writing contest, write a story and win the price
  11. Join some sporting competition and win the price – there is plenty of them these days
  12. Shop for discounts online – use our blog for information
  13. Use amazon
  14. Join Quidco and start earning cash back
  15. Buy the lottery ticket
  16. Stop smoking
  17. Stop drinking every day

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