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Mobile savings: 10 rules how to keep our mobile phones bills under control

Posted on April 28, 2017

Mobile phones are fun but without your control you will end up paying £100s. I came up with these simple 10 rules for you not to get into the trap of overspending. You can still enjoy all the benefits and services.

  1. Understand your allowance.

    When you purchase your fantastic plan you usually focus on how many minutes, texts and how much data is free and this is  the key information but make sure you understand:

    • how much does the data cost outside your allowance,
    • how much does it cost you when retrieving voicemail,
    • what text messages are included: some network will charge you 40p for smiling face and set limit on the length of texts
    • how much do you have to pay for photo messages
    • data roaming costs
  2. Use technology

    Set limit cap on your phone for data but make sure you understand how it works. Many phone will show you data usage combining mobile and wireless. Also use online accounts and apps with your network. Most if not all of the mobile network give them for free to help you to manage your account. There is a lot of features such as setting caps on usage, sending warning messages etc

  3. Switch it off when traveling abroad

    I heard so many horror stories about shocking mobile bills when returning from holidays abroad and my advice is switch the phone off. If you can not do it, switch the put it into the aeroplane mode. If you really can not live without it than switch off the mobile data completely and use the phone when you have access to the wireless network. It require some preparation as most of the apps need network all the time. You can change these settings on your phone

  4. Track data use

    Make sure you know where and how you can track the mobile data. Usually the settings on your phone will allow you to do it but your online account should give you this. I suggest check it weekly to make sure you understand how you use data. Music apps are very useful now allowing you offline  use. Outside allowance data is quite expensive and your fantastic deal for mobile may be doubles or tripled very quickly

  5. Switch off automatic application update and notification services

    You do not need automatic updates for all your apps every day. Switch them off in your settings and update manually every time you want. Once I did that I got rid of 10s of notifications every day. Make sure you understand the notification; you do not need notification from news apps unless you are news freak and you do not need notification from you email app unless you want it. Review what you want you phone to notify you wisely. If you have three of you email accounts, twitter and other 6 or 10 social media sites and 5 news apps and 50 apps to send you notifications you will end up deleting them 100 times per day.

  6. Calls to 0800. 0845. 0870. 0808 .0300 etc

    Theres is a common misconception that calls to 0800 and other non-geographical numbers are free. That is not always the case so make sure you understand this and your allowance. I always go for the mobile deal that has 0800, 0808, 0845 etc included but I specifically want this. Make sure you check your allowance and talk to your network if in doubt.

  7. Protect your mobile

    Make sure that:

    • You have appropriate insurance for expensive phones
    • You have tracking apps installed and configured. GPS location tracker for iphones is quite good and for Android check Google play store
    • You have the PIN in place
    • You have your passwords set up on your accounts


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