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How to Save Money | 7 Surprising Ways to Save Over $11,000 in 6 Months

Posted on March 11, 2018

Unconventional methods to save money are always great. These are not financial methods but more self management rules. These ways will make you thinking.

  1. Using the Quapital app is a great method of saving tons of money.
  2. Pay yourself first. The oldest rule in the book but really used. We pay everybody around but not yourself.
  3. Ice cream in the freezer. Postponed gratitude is always powerful
  4. Big wins – negotiate everything if you can.
  5. Minimalism- remember that not all what is promoted is actually needed. you do not have to live in a shed but apply some common sense when you spend money and what you really need.
  6. Audit yourself for 90 days is a great way to keep you on track.
  7. Educate yourself. Read my blog and other blogs with money advice. There is a lot on line and the more you learn the better off you will be. Read books, watch films etc. there is plenty of resource online.

Aldo don’t forget about making money. this is a simple method of making an extra income:




some of my favourite places are:


42 Holy grail hacks that will save you a fortune

Posted on February 6, 2018

Although this blog is about financial tips to save money I think this year I need to start promoting some interesting ideas to save money in other ways.  There is tons of knowledge where some basic chemical education is useful.   It can save lot’s of money or at least a headache.  42 holy grail hacks  save money:

Using the permanent marker by mistake on valuables is a disaster and knowing how to erase it could be fortune savings. You don’t want to ruin your clothes and markings on markers are written in a very small font that’s why it is good to know:

  • Is a toothpaste really working on ceramics?
  • Is rubbing an alcohol going to remove the permanent ink from wood?
  • Is hand sanitizer with baking soda and lemon going to remove the permanent link from clothes? Maybe after the wash
  • Is rubbing an alcohol on permanent ink on the carpet going to work? ONLY with hairspray

You have to try to be sure if these techniques are going to work. Anyway, watch the video for more interesting ways to save yourself the fortune. Remember that all the hacks are to try at your own risks. I tried some of them but you have to see if they work for yourself. There is plenty of street knowledge and our kitchen and desk drawer are a great chemical supply so learn and play safe.

How to be rich; start thinking like rich. simple but effective steps to change your mindset

Posted on June 4, 2017

Being rich is first of all the state of mind. How to be rich should not be the question. The question should be why you are refusing to be rich for so long. Check also this post about We are all entitled to be very rich and we keep refusing it all the time. Thinking like rich will set your mindset right and you will be happier, optimistic and naturally richer day by day. Check out this post about money mindset.  So what are the first steps to set your mindset to lead you to be richer.

  • Make a list of some wonderful things that happened in your life.

We all have them; first smile, first love, great movie, good party, nice book, lovely sunset etc. Anything no matter how small it is. These experiences set your mindset into the amazing mindset. Keep writing them until you get tired. Once you pass the limit and get really tired, look at the list, read it again. If you do not know how to be rich make sure that your desires are linked to some good positive experiences from your life. Make to desire to become rich personal and emotional.

Don’t forget about making money, passive incomes are the best, TAKE AN ACTION NOW. This simple method will change your life.

  • Start being grateful

Once you spend 20 minutes in creating the list above, remembering these events and becoming grateful you will start creating the very good vibration in the universe and in your brain. These vibrations will start inspiring you and direct your attention towards great feelings good experiences generated. These feelings are calm feelings of satisfaction and pleasure you enjoy. You are very resourceful at this state as you have the ‘magical filter’ placed on your perception. These is actually nothing magic about it, it is just pure science. Once you start seeing only positive feelings and emotions you will start attractive good people and good events in your life. this is where you brain will start looking for more ways to provide you with the satisfaction and good feelings. If you want to know how to be rich and richer every day you brain will start focusing on this desire.

  • Define how rich you want to be and for what you need to spend the money

To be rich you need to know how much money you want to have. Make a list of what you want to buy. Make sure you make that list on the same page as your list of good events. You will transform the good feelings from good events to you plans. remember how to be rich is not just the question. It should be your desire and passion you remember every day.

  • Read inspirational books

There are some books you want to read to know how to be rich. This one by Napoleon Hill is my favourite classic. There is many other books but you should start with this one.

  • Smile a lot in the morning and dress well

Whatever you do be sensible and avoid these financial traps.

7 DONT’s; Never do these if you want to have money

Posted on May 29, 2017

These are these 7 actions you should never do if you want to have more money. By avoiding these you will start seeing more money in your pocket and you can save £1000s yearly.

  • Pay mobile bills more than £20 per month.

You can buy mobiles very cheaply these days and paying more than £20 per month proves that you have not really researched the market. Even if you want to buy the latest models of I-phones or Galaxy you can still buy then at the low cost. Make sure that you actually know what you want.  How much data do you need, how many minutes do you need and what features are really important for you. Once you know this, do the research and make sure that you always have at least three best choices left on your list. From this short list choose the first option and start negotiating if you can.  do this with option 2 and three and see which is the best offer.

  • Pay car insurance monthly

Paying monthly for your car insurance is always more expensive by at least 20%. If you really do not have cash to pay the annual premium use your credit card with the extended payment terms if there is no fee for doing it. You can also use your credit card with the extensive payment terms for your day to day shopping to generate cash for paying the annual insurance in one payment. Use this cash to pay for the annual premium. To visualize this make sure that you can visually see what can be bought for the amount of money you can actually save.

  • Pay for mobiles insurance

You should not really paying the insurance additionally. There is so many bank accounts, credit cards with additional perks such as mobile insurance, breakdown cover etc. that you should not even contemplate buying special insurance.

  • Don’t check prices online

Every single purchase you make should be verified online. This tip will save you £1000s every year. always check the prices even if it is after you make a purchase. this will make you aware of the extend of offers which are available online. This will also open the door of the market. If you never have done it you will be genuinely shocked how much savings is online.

  • Don’t use websites like Quidco

Websites like Quidco, topCashback etc are becoming very popular. You can check more about it on these posts.

  • Pay for electricity and gas more than £1000 per year

There is always a better deal for your energy. You can switch your energy provider very conveniently and online. It does not cost and it is very well regulated. It takes a few clicks and this tutorial explains simply how to do it.

  • Buy petrol on motorway services

Petrol and diesel at motorway services will cost you by average 20% more  than on regular streets. If you are driving the motorway and run out always fill it for £10 or £20 and when you exit the motorway fill it up. Motorway services are extremely convenient but you have to pay for this convenience.



Best ways to get more money in 2017: simple guide to be rich without any effort

Posted on May 16, 2017

People earn money, work every day or run their business but you can get some free money which companies just give away. these are not large sums but enough for lunch or cinema ticket. How to have more money in 2017? The answer is simple. These are simple list of a few ways to have more money without a huge effort:

  • Apply for credit card; most of the credit card companies give £10 or £25 for successful application.
  • Switch bank: many banks offer £50, £100 or even more just to bank with them
  • Get free £10 from amazon just for applying for their credit card#
  • Sign up for free netflix for 30 days; no payment if you cancel on time
  • Get free gift cards or vouchers
  • Use quidco for all your purchases
  • Use all other cashback vouchers

There is many more ways to start earning free money and guess what there is no tax on earnings so you do not have to share it with anybody


Make sure you spend and enjoy the money you earned.

Emergency cash – 5 tricks to have more cash in 1 month when you need it urgently

Posted on May 10, 2017

You want to buy the car and you need emergency cash…..

You want to go on holiday and you need cash…

You want to buy a bike and you need emergency cash…

You are loosing your job and you need emergency cash to survive a few months…

Emergency tax is the answer

What do you do? all you need is to have cash. It is not about money, it is just about cash. Remember cash is king!!! If you have it and don’t have to pay interest on having it, you will be fine.

These are five simple tricks to have more emergency cash within 1 month.

  1. Apply for a good credit card or two of them with the longest possible interest free for purchases. there are many of then available for 18 or 24 months or longer. Start using it for all shopping, this way cash will stay with you (£1000-£2000 per month of cash savings). Check out this post for more details
  2. Stop any non essential shopping, limit your expenses to food, bills, mortgage or rent (savings will depend on your life style but can easily keep £200-£1000 per month)
  3. Start cycling anywhere you can, this will save you some cash on petrol (£50)
  4. Review evere simple direct debit and close all non essential such as: gym memberships, TVs, games, amazon, anything which is non essential (it depends on your life style but easily can save £200-300 per month
  5. Identify additional source of income (work at restaurant, publishing, other way to utilise your skills (depends on your skill)

Remember, any debt or credit card must be carefully considered as you are living for money that does not belong to you. Make sure you always pay the minimum to avoid the interest. If you make a mistake you will pay charges. Your credit rating could also suffer. Make sure you have the plan to pay it off.

Money Mindset: 5 mind-blowing steps to change your brain into money making machine

Posted on May 6, 2017

Do you really think your brain allows you to think independently? Are you in the right ‘money mindset’?

Your brain starts every thought you have and every action you take. Often you don’t know why you have thoughts you have and you don’t know why you do what you do. You feel your brain having its own logic and you have very little control over it.  It is terrifying!

It is all in your mindset

But you have an opportunity to change your actions by changing just your brain. You have thousands of preconceived ideas, thoughts and  emotions towards dollars and richness and these determine how much money you have. They can limit you from getting the fortune. These simple steps will skyrocket you into massive fortune and build your wealth.:

  1. Understand what you actually want and what is your real attitude towards wealth.

    1. Every day watch your thoughts and understand your emotion towards your own thoughts. A bit sketchy and esoteric?? not really, all you need to do is to sit down in the evening and watch your day, minute by minute and watch your reactions and emotions, specifically those related to richness and money.
    2. Write down emotions related to money for 4 weeks
    3. Once your discover these emotions, concentrate on watching your motivations and reasons for these emotions. Write them down
    4. Do not judge, do not categorised, just watch the raw data without any judgement If you want to be an entrepreneur check this post
  2. Watch your thoughts and listen to your inner voice

    1. Ask yourself questions and start listening to your inner voice – intuition
    2. Do this for 4 weeks until you develop a good relationship with yourself
    3. Draft patterns from your emotions, thoughts, reactions and inner voice advice
    4. You will notice that you discovered some deeply rooted motivations or believes that determine how quickly you can be rich and have more money
    5.  discover any negative or positive thoughts you have. these thoughts are powerful
  3. Start creating the better scenery for increasing your wealth ans et the right mindset.

    1. Pick 3 main negative emotions towards money and have a clear understanding of the motivations.
    2. Do not worry where they are coming from, trust yourself
    3. Start watching these emotions and surround these emotions with the positive scenera, colours, events, words etc. Create the new reality by:
      1. imaging your emotions playing differently in various scenarios
      2. imagine them in comic way
      3. look at them from 33000ft view in different colours
      4. take a good distance from them
  4. Be grateful

    1. Always thank yourself and the whole world for all discoveries
    2. If you have any believe, thank your god or Goddess for all you are and all you have
  5. Take very small action

Every day take one small action towards your financial goal and make sure you deliver. It has to be very small action. Make sure that action is realistic such as: write the email and apply for a new job, do some research towards your new business ideas etc.

Do you think that your brain allows you to have free will?

Have more money today: simple but effective tips how to be rich in 2017

Posted on May 1, 2017

Thi is going to be the shortest post on my post. How to make money in 2017:

  • Know how to make money from social media.
    • if you don’t know it yet, stop whatever you are doing and start learning it right now
    • if you don’t have your presence on social media start building it now
  • Find the niche
    • whatever interests you
    • whatever you like
    • whatever you know something
    • whatever people can buy
  • Monetize it
    • combine two above step and in your learning on social media presence and the niche start actioning it
    • create the plan
    • stop procrastinating
    • start earning
  • Keep the money
    • once you make the money – KEEP IT
    • learn from this blog how to keep the money
    • allow your money to make more money – start investing
  • Stop buying things you can not afford.
    • Save, you don’t have to look rich buy buying unnecessary products, you want to be rich

these few above action could help you to have more money right now. Try it.


Mobile savings: 10 rules how to keep our mobile phones bills under control

Posted on April 28, 2017

Mobile phones are fun but without your control you will end up paying £100s. I came up with these simple 10 rules for you not to get into the trap of overspending. You can still enjoy all the benefits and services.

  1. Understand your allowance.

    When you purchase your fantastic plan you usually focus on how many minutes, texts and how much data is free and this is  the key information but make sure you understand:

    • how much does the data cost outside your allowance,
    • how much does it cost you when retrieving voicemail,
    • what text messages are included: some network will charge you 40p for smiling face and set limit on the length of texts
    • how much do you have to pay for photo messages
    • data roaming costs
  2. Use technology

    Set limit cap on your phone for data but make sure you understand how it works. Many phone will show you data usage combining mobile and wireless. Also use online accounts and apps with your network. Most if not all of the mobile network give them for free to help you to manage your account. There is a lot of features such as setting caps on usage, sending warning messages etc

  3. Switch it off when traveling abroad

    I heard so many horror stories about shocking mobile bills when returning from holidays abroad and my advice is switch the phone off. If you can not do it, switch the put it into the aeroplane mode. If you really can not live without it than switch off the mobile data completely and use the phone when you have access to the wireless network. It require some preparation as most of the apps need network all the time. You can change these settings on your phone

  4. Track data use

    Make sure you know where and how you can track the mobile data. Usually the settings on your phone will allow you to do it but your online account should give you this. I suggest check it weekly to make sure you understand how you use data. Music apps are very useful now allowing you offline  use. Outside allowance data is quite expensive and your fantastic deal for mobile may be doubles or tripled very quickly

  5. Switch off automatic application update and notification services

    You do not need automatic updates for all your apps every day. Switch them off in your settings and update manually every time you want. Once I did that I got rid of 10s of notifications every day. Make sure you understand the notification; you do not need notification from news apps unless you are news freak and you do not need notification from you email app unless you want it. Review what you want you phone to notify you wisely. If you have three of you email accounts, twitter and other 6 or 10 social media sites and 5 news apps and 50 apps to send you notifications you will end up deleting them 100 times per day.

  6. Calls to 0800. 0845. 0870. 0808 .0300 etc

    Theres is a common misconception that calls to 0800 and other non-geographical numbers are free. That is not always the case so make sure you understand this and your allowance. I always go for the mobile deal that has 0800, 0808, 0845 etc included but I specifically want this. Make sure you check your allowance and talk to your network if in doubt.

  7. Protect your mobile

    Make sure that:

    • You have appropriate insurance for expensive phones
    • You have tracking apps installed and configured. GPS location tracker for iphones is quite good and for Android check Google play store
    • You have the PIN in place
    • You have your passwords set up on your accounts


Supermarket savings tricks: 9 ways to save on supermarket shopping

Posted on April 26, 2017

this is the very old but evergreen list of supermarket money savings tricks. It seems like supermarkets are using similar tricks as they used decades ago therefore the money savings tricks are similar too.

  1. Never shop when you are hungry.

    It is the common knowledge that Supermarket will exploits your weaknesses and bad habits and they reveal themselves when we are tired or hungry so make sure that you always go shopping after the good and tasty meal and after the good sleep so you are not tires. I would always promote online shopping and stop it anytime you are getting tired.

  2. Shop at the right time

    This is true for online and in store shopping however it is mostly for in store shopping. The best times are the times just before closing however it does depend on the store. I found that a few hours before closing smaller stores reduce prices and supermarkets might work differently. Ninja’s Mum research from last year shows that price reduction vary per store chain and looks like this: (be aware that these patterns are changing so make your own research).

    1. ASDA 6-10am and at 7.30
    2. Co-op around 4pm
    3. Tesco – 7 pm
    4. Sainsbury 7pm
  3. Plan your meals

    It is sad but making the list will save you ton’s of money. Make the list of meals for the week and shop accordingly. It is no fun but you will have more money.

  4. Try other brands to see if you like it and how much money they are worth.

    Many people are brand loyal and they are being systematically exploited by the brands to which they are loyal to.

  5. Use your loyalty cards

    Squeeze them as much as you can, make points, vouchers and coupons. Make sure that they save you money as they are generally design to take your money

  6. Make sure you are not a victim of special offers

    Special offers such as: Buy 1 get 1 free, buy 3 for 2 etc are great as long as you understand the cost of them. They are certainly the big value if:

    1. You can use them
    2. You want them
    3. The unit cost is cheaper than when you buy just one item
  7. Don’t waste food

  8. Buy what you need, pay and get out

    Supermarket marketing experts are experts in human psychology and they know human nature. they are specialist and they know how to get your money. Buy what you need and get out

  9. Get the amount of cash you plan to spend and leave debit and credit cards at home

    This will ensure that you will not spend more money than you planned. It is a very effective technique and you will see results very quickly. It will obviously not work when shopping online